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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 2nd night that 3 computers have been unable to upload completed work units (Message 483)
Posted 19 Sep 2015 by Profile Bryan
Not a problem that I can see here in the U.S. My logs show that I have been uploading and downloading regularly (Win7 64-bit, BOINC 7.6.9, running four cores on an i7-4771). The DENIS homepage and forum seem to be OK also.

Consider yourself lucky Jim, I'm in the US and my machines couldn't upload for over 5 hours. The website wasn't available on the browser either.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Stats Update/Exporting (Message 476)
Posted 17 Sep 2015 by Profile Bryan
BOINCStats is getting them every morning Pete. I think the problem may be with FreeDC.

That's morning my time :) I think stats are pulled around 0800 UTC and Bstats will show it about an hour later.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized app ? (Message 460)
Posted 12 Sep 2015 by Profile Bryan
If anyone could make the port to Linux possible then Crunch3r would be the one to do it!
4) Message boards : Cafe : OS Selection thread (Message 364)
Posted 19 Jul 2015 by Profile Bryan
As someone pointed out the efficiency is a function of what the project supplies for executables. On most projects it doesn't make that much difference. There are several projects that only have 32 bit Windows apps but also have 64 bit Linux. In these cases I've found Linux to be far better.

My machines are setup with dual boot Win/Linux. When I 1st start a new project I put 2 identical I7 machines on it and see which will grant higher credits per day. That of course is the OS that I select for that particular project.

There are some projects that are Windows only, like Gerasim, and some that are Linux only, like WEP and Bealf.

On this project I found that Linux (at least on my machines) outperforms Windows.

My machines are pure crunchers and do nothing except run BOINC so the OS to me is irrelevant ... whatever works best :)
5) Message boards : News : New badges (Message 341)
Posted 15 Jul 2015 by Profile Bryan
Or at least a "broken heart" badge for "badge lovers" that can only do 1M :)