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Program Host Status
Download server Running
Upload server Running
denis-myocyte-beta-validator (DENIS_Myocyte_Beta ) denis Not Running
beta_assimilator (DENIS_Myocyte_Beta ) denis Not Running
db_purge denis Not Running
feeder denis Running
transitioner denis Running
file_deleter denis Running
Database schema version: 27012

Computing status

Work #
Tasks ready to send0
Tasks in progress0
Workunits waiting for validation0
Workunits waiting for assimilation0
Workunits waiting for file deletion0
Tasks waiting for file deletion0
Transitioner backlog (hours)0.00
Users #
With credit5426
With recent credit168
Registered in past 24 hours25
Computers #
With credit34956
With recent credit572
Registered in past 24 hours30
Current GigaFLOPS18.86
Tasks by application
Application Unsent In progress Runtime of last 100 tasks in hours: average, min, max Users in last 24 hours
Beta of DENIS Myocyte 0 0 --- 0

Task data as of 28 May 2018, 5:27:32 UTC

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