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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Canceled Work Units by Server (Message 2153)
Posted 23 Jul 2023 by pututu
There are two task deadlines. One is shown in the boinc manager on the client side and the other is on the server side that hosts the boinc projects. It is up to the project admin to set these two deadlines differently (grace period). Usually project admin sets both the same but I've seen a few boinc projects that set grace period to non-zero. For example in NumberFields@home. See my post here https://numberfields.asu.edu/NumberFields/forum_thread.php?id=454#2737

To reduce task state "cancelled by server", perhaps the admin can add in some grace period?
2) Message boards : Cafe : OS Selection thread (Message 2150)
Posted 21 Jul 2023 by pututu
SSD prices are so cheap nowadays. For each of my dedicated (not for everyday personal use) DC rig, I have two SSDs, one for windows and linux (ubuntu) OS. I abandoned dual boot drive approach due to the need to reinstall one or the other OSes when something goes wrong (rarely but it still happens. Easier to reinstall the OS than troubleshooting). Could have gone with USB flash drive but depending on the projects, USB flash drive can struggle when it comes to high IO activity especially writing.

For DENIS specifically, I do see windows to be slightly faster than ubuntu by a few percent in terms of normalized pphr (points per hour). I didn't take good record of it.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Invalid tasks (Message 2140)
Posted 28 Jun 2023 by pututu
Looking at the returned results for example workunit # 5884087 https://denis.usj.es/denisathome/workunit.php?wuid=5884087, there are three invalids and two valids. Probing into the stderr output file for each task ID, I'm guessing that for validation to be successful the output result (looks like there are 44 parameters or perhaps more) must match with a given same input parameters (guessing there are 18 parameters).

I don't know what is causing the other three PCs to return different values in the output results

Not claiming that I'm an expert in this but just an observation. Perhaps the admin can shed some light into this.