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Message 1483 - Posted: 8 Oct 2019, 2:53:09 UTC

I am so happy that i have become a member of this great site finally. I wrote this post to test how to make a good post here. Are there are anyone can give me some tips about how to write a meaningful post here? Best wishes to everyone!

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Message 1484 - Posted: 15 Oct 2019, 8:16:34 UTC
Last modified: 15 Oct 2019, 8:20:23 UTC

A meaningful post here really requires you to have done some work and found something "odd" or different, or even crashed a work unit. Right now, there is no work being generated, so you can't crunch it, so you can't report observations or comments. Some post purely social messages, and why not, although not really number crunching.

Make sure you are joined to several projects, that way, you can get work on a more regular basis. http://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/ Rosetta has work pretty much all the time. http://gene.disi.unitn.it/test/ TN-Grid is pretty reliable also. If you want to crunch with your GPU, CAREFUL, you can burn out your graphics card if you let it get to hot, dust etc. you could connect to Einstein https://einsteinathome.org/ or Milkyway https://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/. There are many projects around.
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Message boards : Number crunching : Just say hello to everyone here

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