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AUTOMOD The following is a copy of the above post.
This comment is a record of the above post as it was originally written, in case
the post is deleted or edited. So my dad bought me concert tickets to
go with him to a band from the 1980's that I've never even heard of nor have listened
to ever. Apparently he decided to buy them to bring me along without even hinting at him wanting me to
go with him, the day the tickets stopped being sold (and the
day the concert was on). It's not a case of not spending enough
time with him, I was literally at a bar with him the night previously.

Bearing in mind, I've just finished work for the week from my work placement during my uni
studies and I don't think it was fair to force me to go
with him because he bought the tickets. I called it slightly
selfish to do, but was hounded again about being ungrateful.
So I ask, am I the asshole? I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.
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A postman has been jailed for four months for stealing concert
tickets and cheques. Ciaran O'Neill, 26, from St Matthews
Court, east Belfast, was caught in a covert sting operation by Royal Mail.
It began after members of the public contacted Royal Mail to raise concerns because their concert tickets had
not arrived. One contained £25 in cash and the
others held crossed or payable postal orders.
When confronted by Royal Mail investigators, the court heard O'Neill
claimed he saw the envelope was open, put the money
in his pocket and said he planned to give the cash to his supervisor.
When police later searched his home they found two sets of concert tickets.

They also found Ulster Bank cheque books in the name of
a company. The court heart that one of the cheques had been removed and £2,900 was taken from the business's account and put into
O'Neill's own account. There is an expectation on behalf of the public that their mail will
not be interfered with by postmen,'' the judge told the

Vivid Seats had a good selection of concert tickets to all the events we looked for in our testing process.
Its service fees were a bit higher than those at most
services we reviewed, including Ticketmaster, but we
noticed they vary based on the venue and artist.
The ticket prices were among the lowest we found, but that is
also variable because the reseller chooses the listing price.
Vivid Seats’ secure website and mobile app make buying
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instant download, email and
mobile e-ticket delivery.

Resellers can also make tickets available at will call.
Vivid Seats has the best rewards program of all the services
we reviewed. You get discounts for buying in bulk, and if you buy
tickets to seven events, including concerts and sporting events, within a 12-month period, the eighth one is free.
You can also save 5 percent if you see the same artist twice.
Vivid Seats has interactive seating charts for many, but not all,
the venues. That means you can click on a section of seats and information specific to those seats pops onto your screen. You can also sort the list
by section, row and price.

The website defaults to your location, so you can see a listing of all events
in your area from the homepage. In the sidebar, you can browse the current, hottest music tours.

This company doesn't just depend on its own internal website security - it employs expert organizations like TRUSTe, VeriSign and
McAfee SECURE. You can also sell tickets on the site.
Vivid Seats charges a 10-percent commission to use the secure ordering system and
give buyers access to a wide range of customer support options.
If you have questions about your ticket order, you can contact the support staff
by email, live chat and phone. The Vivid Seats FAQs page is easy to find
and use, and it has subheadings to help you quickly find answers to specific questions about buying and selling tickets.
Vivid Seats is an excellent option for buying and selling concert tickets online.

The rewards program is the best we found, and there was a good
selection of tickets to every event we looked at.
The service fees were, on average, higher than on other sites we reviewed, but they vary
based on the venue and artist.

If you are out there looking for cheap Eminem concert tickets, you need to work really hard for to get what you want.
This is because, whether you like him or not, you have to agree with the generally
accepted fact
that a lot of people do like his music. This means that you
have to search the internet for the tickets. However
when doing so, you have to keep in mind the fact that it is not so simple to get the tickets, and that is why I have outlined a few things about the a same in this article.

The first thing that I would like to bring out in this piece
concerning the cheap Eminem concert tickets
is the fact that you can easily be conned on the internet.

Since so many people know that there are many others who desperately want them they know that they
can offer fake ones and people will rush to buy them ignorantly.
Once you have taken time to understand the legitimate and the illegitimate sites, it is now
your job to ensure that you get the best deal for yourself.
It is important to check the dates of the concert very clearly.

Some websites have coupons for concerts that have already occurred, and such tickets will definitely not help you.

Once you find the cheap Eminem concert tickets that you were looking for, the next task is paying for the same.
As already mentioned, one of the biggest problems come
with the fact that you may key in your details and then be
conned off your money. Legitimate sites lead you to the main page and then allow you to
buy using your PayPal account. This is on of the most
advisable and the best for anyone who may be concerned about the safety of the information that he or she has
provided. As you continue to search for cheap Eminem concert
tickets, it is important for you to realize that if you are planning to go to that concert, then it would
be inappropriate to go there with children. This is because the music has
a lot of violence and curse words.

There is some very good news for people who want to buy Katy Perry
tickets without leaving the comfort of their home. Well, there quite a few online ticket booking websites that are helping Katy Perry fans to get their concert tickets.
Finding the online ticket booking websites is very easy, but finding the best
from them is a challenge. You will have to do some
research on the internet to find out the best online ticket booking website.
One of the key characteristics of the online ticket booking websites is
the search functionality. Using this, you can search for the
desired concert using the artist’s name as a search criterion. If you
have any doubts about online buying of tickets, you will have
to first understand the basics of online shopping.

If you have done any kind of online shopping
in the past, then buying tickets from online ticket booking websites
will not be a problem at all. The second and very important aspect
of online shopping is the security features. You will be making your payments
using a credit card. This means that you will be giving out your credit card details.
If the credit card details fall in the wrong hands, it is very likely that it will be misused.
So, it is very important that you check the security arrangements on the online ticket booking websites.
You can even call up the customer care of the online ticket booking websites and find out about the online ticket details.
Audience always wait for Katy Perry tour because of her awesome live Performance.
Many sites offer Katy Perry tickets online, there you can compare and buy Katy perry tickets online according to your convenience.
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GF and I have been dating for 6 months now. At the beginning of the week my GF(34) stated that she had
a girls dinner with some of her friends for Saturday.
On Thursday, I (29) was given tickets to a concert for Saturday night.
I assumed since this was a planned dinner that she would be unable to go and
so I figured I would just invite one of my buddies to join me.

As we were talking last night I mentioned that I was going to said concert
and she expressed interest in going.
I let her know she was absolutely invited Safe and quick online booking event tickets that
she was obviously my first choice. However, I also mentioned that it seemed
a little odd that she originally told me she was busy
with friends, but now was willing to drop her plans and hang out with me since I had concert tickets.
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