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Most Christians agree that their faith affects how they approach
politics, but disagreements arise
over the political role
of the church. A common source of confusion is the phrase
"separation of church and state." Although the U.S. Constitution does not include these specific words, the phrase
is part of the American lexicon and one that evokes strong reactions.
Some associate the phrase with strident secularists who want to remove all vestiges of religion from the
public square, forgetting entire traditions of Christian belief, such as Anabaptists, that uphold separation out of their religious convictions.

Others assume that theological traditions affirming the
integration of faith into all realms of life, including government, aim for nothing less
than creating a theocracy. These tensions, particularly in an election year, can cause confusion within a congregation.

There is only
one 'ultimate Truth' and it's only found in the One
True God, YHWH. I'm christian and belive in karma, i
agree with you 100% on where karma comes from and as i said before i have to watch what i say
about the Bible. I think the ultimate truth is hidden in all religions and the Devil has done
well to contaminate over the years. How did a tree
come to be? Lord said " vengence is mine " and he does it better than anyone
even if we dont understand it sometimes. LowGenius,
Well I am sorry if you felt this hub's point was to give people a license to just do whatever they
want, as long as they have 'faith in Jesus'. Faith in Jesus
produces a regenerated life, first of all,
and I'm sure you agree.

If that's what you've seen as a type of 'theology' and rejected it,
I agree with you. It's kind of like stealing money from another's purse,
then giving some of it to a homeless guy on the corner and saying, "Jesus loves you; God provides", then thinking God won't discipline you because you did something 'good'.

May I quote again, Galatians 6:7-9: "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. Hopefully, we can 'get it' and not think our works justify our sins in any way, shape or form; rather we produce good works because the love of Christ lives in us.

Likewise, we shouldn't think to do good works for self-gain (fleshly reward), but for the edification of others and to glorify the Lord (heavenly reward). You realize of course that what you're saying is that there is absolutely no reason to be decent or kind in this life, so long as you end it all by accepting Christ as your savior and asking His forgiveness? Why should I be charitable? That would be "ungodly" of me, since I would be thereby expressing "faith" in "my works"? Why should I not rape or kill, since I would thereby express "faith" in "my works" rather than in the grace of Christ?

If I have faith in Jesus, then it must naturally follow that I have faith in my salvation without regard to my earthly behavior. You might want to re-think that line of argument. Hey there, my bro! Good to see you! Have you got your armor on, brother? Yes, I know of the attacks, and my heart's right there with you. Great is your reward. Luv you, and thank you so much! I'm glad you learned some good stuff here. My Mom asked me to write on this topic and so I did the study. It was very helpful to me as well. We gotta keep it straight!

Yes, the Magi knew that a King had been born! And, there shall be signs in the heavens even in these end of days. The Magi were astronomers, not astrologers. I didn't mean to say that because a person is born in the gutter, stays in the gutter. Conversely, a person born in a high place may end up in a very low position in life. On the other hand, the three Magis knew that Jesus had been born, because they were astrologers. Hi vrajavala, I appreciate our connection here on HubPages and pray we can learn from each other.

[img]https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-CNpGthV5P68/XCqHzTP_OyI/AAAAAAAAIS0/KKotO5dqA4Y0Nd7bk4t20K5kItk0oQAIgCLcBGAs/s320/- [url=[/img]Abraham][/url] (75).jpg" style="max-width:400px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Karma is
not really the same as 'as yee sow, so shall yee reap', if you read the entirety of
this hub and the scriptures therein. To explain how one soul is born in a gutter, while another born in a palace, we must consider Jesus Christ, born in a very
humble place in a humble family existence. He did not have a palace or servants,
wealth and prosperity here on earth. However, Hindu sects
are theistic and believe in God, but may have
a different name for Him and may differ in the way to approach Him.
So feel that performing austerities is the best, others feel that by performing devotion they will achieve success
in spirituality.

You really blessed my day, Tamarajo! I'd like to share that if anyone wants to
be BLESSED, read the ministry that gifts Tamarajo!
I study when I or someone else has a question such as this).
God bless you, sister! Thank you so much for clarifying it for me.

I knew that Karma wasn't a Christian philosophy but couldn't quite get
what the difference was. You bless my heart with gladness, Ixxy!
I hope you continue to enjoy what you read here. I certainly have enjoyed the study
and publishing what I've discovered over this past year and a half.
I'm so glad we connected. I am fascinated by the religions of the world.
And to see them contrasted and compared in such an easily digestible form is praise worthy!

What a testimony, Hannah Ministries! What a blessing to be
a missionary! The value in that far exceeds any worldly material thing.
For me, I wish I had become an MD and was working in the mission field, evangelizing and healing people.
However, God has called me yet to parenting, providing and ministering here on HubPages, so I am content.
My heart and much joy is with you. Thank you so much for sharing!

This is a great HUB. 20 years ago God deliverd me out of New Age.
I know that only God is all powerfull. I can 'smell'
New Age' from farrrrr.

Left everything behind, good job, pensioens, homes, cars and started over as
a missionary! With no material goods but serving GOd. And He is
faithfull again! He is providing for us. And it is so exiting to see as God provides after prayer.

THanks God, God is not waiting for me to 'do good'
or 'be good' to bless me! My natural man is
strong and int he way. God bless you sister for this wonderfull
hub. God is the GREAT I AM; praise Him! Believing in karma is ultimately destructive and is the opposite
of faith in Christ, for it puts faith in ourselves, in our works, believing in an outcome that may
actually end up to be the opposite! One thing we can stand on with certainty
is the Bible, the Word of God, our Rock Jesus Christ and His promises.

He put them in writing and signed and sealed His Covenant with us by His blood.
I am happy you came by to read and appreciate your kindness.

God is bringing us through some "boot camp" training, preparing us for greater things, brother!
I stand on Jeremiah 29:11 and oh so many more promises
of our Lord, our Shepherd, our Savior. You are such a blessing to
all who know you! God is greater than Karma! You have again taken a complicated subject and done an excellent job explicating it
for your audience. Thanks for the fine read. I'm thankful to
God you were blessed! A great outlook on Karma!

Rejoice when we are pruned by trials that build our faith, not destroy it!
Because we are bearing fruit, we will be pruned to bear even more!

We are worthy because He is Worthy! He is truth, and we will not be swayed by lies,
amen! Great Hub, you told it like it is, I do not believe in Karma
I believe in Jesus. It's so nice to see you come by!

It's a good point to address many who are one- or
two-day a week Christians. I didn't know what it was to fall in love with Jesus for
so many years. Him). I have a hub called "John and Jesus: About BAPTISM" that shares of what happened in my spiritual walk.
God certainly can use our trials to bring us to a daily, even minute-by-minute awareness and communication with Him.

Trials teach us we are not in control of our lives.
Isn't that when people either turn to God or away from Him?

We are to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. Even we do not control the Holy Spirit;
He controls us. This is something everyone that calls on the
Name of the Lord needs to come to understand. Trials indeed test our faith and produce the endurance
of that faith. Trials teach us where the treasure of our heart is.
O, dear Lord, three things I pray: To see Thee
more clearly, love Thee more dearly; follow Thee more nearly day-by-day.

It truly is time we put our confession of faith into practice.

Good hub. I have heard so many times, how much more will God test me, what have I done that is so wrong that all these bad things keep happenig to me.
I have a very good friend who has definitely had her fair share of trials and tribulations.

Now her thing to do is wonder why all these things happen even now when she goes
to church and reads the bible. If only we would realize it goes deeper than attending
church and reading our Bible. We go to church to worship our Lord with other believers, but that is not the only
time to worship our God. We should always be mindful of our Father,
never cease to pray.

I think God uses these "bad things" to bring us closer to him, make him more dependant on him.
If we are always going through trials and tribulations maybe we should take our eyes off of ourselves and put them fully
on God. God aches for us, yearns for us and has infinite patience for
us. Our trials and bad times are Gods chastening to bring us back to him.
We do nothing on our own! What an awesome truth you just stated!
Jesus said in John 16:33, "These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world." WE ARE HIS!

We must never forget it!
I'm SO GLAD you came by and left such a wonderful, encouraging comment!
I agree with you that though the Bible does teach about sowing and reaping, it doesn't mean that it teaches karma.
People who believes so will be very much disappointed when trials and suffering come.
They tend to question God why bad things happened to
them even when they do good. Well, that partly
explains why many abandon following Jesus. God's principles.

God bless. I haven't seen one yet that ties karma in with Christianity, I thought that was a
cool outlook. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

my website: Abraham Inetianbor
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