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The company's CBD products have made new forays into a variety of marketplaces across the U.S.
Recently, it has expanded its influence to Vitamin Plus in Texas, 2 locations of Foodies Market in Massachusetts, Seaside Market
in California, and 4-Way Market in Tennessee. As its incredible sales team
expands and grows revenues, Elev8 Hemp is quickly entering new
markets and increasing its brand recognition, product awareness, and in-store demand.

Elev8 Hemp's first new product is a ready-to-drink CBD Infused Iced
Tea in a bottle. An initial run of 30,000 of the new
CBD Infused Iced Tea will begin shipping out to retailers and customers by the beginning of April.

The second new product
is ready-to-drink CBD Infused Iced Coffee in a can. An initial 30,000 unit run of
Elev8 Hemp's CBD Iced Coffee will start shipping in April.
Elev8 Hemp currently has orders from 2 distributors and also has 4 other distributors awaiting
samples. 1500 in revenue within the first 12 hours of availability, showcasing
the high demand that exists for these kinds of CBD infused beverage products.
100,000 before the introduction of the highly anticipated ready-to-drink CBD infused beverages.
Those interested in trying the CBD Infused Iced Tea can preorder here.
Those interested in learning the benefits of hemp and
hemp products a can learn more on Elev8 Hemp's website.

Elev8 Brands, Inc. specializes in the development and
marketing of products for the fitness and wellness markets.

The company is founded based on creating high-quality, sustainable, products for health-conscious consumers.
Elev8 Hemp LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elev8 Brands, Inc.
which focuses on the development and marketing of hemp-based food, beverage,
and health care products including hemp coffee and hemp
tea. 02 Breathe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of
Elev8 Brands, Inc. which focuses on their oxygen bar while bringing in an array of CBD products.
O2 Breathe carries CBD tinctures, CBD vape, CBD lotions and massage
products. 02 Breathe is currently looking to offer CBD at their oxygen bar.
Zoe CBD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elev8 Brands, Inc.
which focuses on the development and marketing of CBD-based products such as CBD
Tinctures, CBD E-Juice, CBD Lotion and CBD Salve.
Please visit our websites for more information.

RDA: 400 International Units (IU). Along with vitamin C and beta-carotene, vitamin E is a potent antioxidant.
It neutralizes "free radicals," cell-damaging
fragments that circulate through
the body. Daily doses of vitamin E reduce the risk of heart
disease, cancer of the esophagus, stomach and lung, and cataracts and other eye diseases.
Research also suggests that vitamin E can slow the progression of neurological diseases like Parkinson's and
Alzheimer's. Unfortunately, it's hard to get sufficient vitamin E from a healthful low-fat diet - so supplements are necessary.
Sources: Wheat germ, vegetable oil (don't recommend unless it's an essential fatty acid like flax oil, cold pressed safflower oil,
or hemp oil), nuts. RDA: 30 International Units (IU).

More than 200 studies have shown that
this antioxidant plays a key role in preventing cancer.
Sources: Broccoli, cantaloupe, carrots. RDA: None for beta-carotene.

Another of the cancer-fighting antioxidants. A study in China involving 30,000 people found a dramatically reduced risk of cancer among individuals who took supplemental vitamin E,
beta-carotene and selenium. Sources: Fish, shellfish,
meat, dairy products. RDA: None for selenium.
Studies have linked this antioxidant to reduced risk of lung, colon and gastrointestinal cancers.
It may also help prevent heart and eye disease. The typical American diet provides 120 mg a day of vitamin C.
That's twice the RDA, but a National Institutes of Health study suggested that the RDA is too low.

A daily intake of at least 250 mg is better.
Sources: Citrus fruits, green peppers, broccoli, cabbage,
cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes. This mineral is crucial for preventing osteoporosis - and
it's not just for older women either. A high calcium intake - along with sufficient
vitamin D - is important for all ages, to build bone tissue and
retain it. PLUS, the latest studies show in sufficient quantities it
helps you lose fat. The usual recommendation for adults is 1,
200 to 1,500 mg of calcium a day. For most people, it's easier to take a daily calcium supplement (calcium citrate, calcium chelated with a protein).

Sources: Dairy products, leafy green vegetables and beans.
So how do you do it?

And what multivitamin/mineral complex should you use with so many to choose from?
Use my recommendations above for the minimum amounts you need
because most don't contain enough. Remember, you need multiples of the RDA for each vitamin in order to get
a protective effect. Plus, the majority don't include several important
antioxidants either (which help reduce disease formation in your body).
So be careful in selecting one -- make sure it has enough of each vitamin/mineral/antioxidant.
They know there is a maximum price consumers feel they should pay for vitamins.
30 for a monthly supply of vitamins. They know once this price
ceiling is breeched that sales will drop dramatically. Because most consumers shop mostly by price, not what's necessarily in the product.

Since the manufacturers goal is to make the most amount of money
possible, they're continually looking to increase the "gap" between what
they sell their vitamins for and what it costs them to make it.
They know they can't go higher on price, so they look for ways to
reduce their raw material costs. The main ways they do this is
by reducing the total number as well as the amounts of vitamins and minerals they include in their product.
They also stay away from adding any of the more
expensive (but highly effective) ones. But what would you pay for better health?
Are you willing to nickel and dime the most precious commodity you own? What if you knew today that you would develop a life-threatening disease because of your poor eating habits?
And what if you learned that supplementing with key
vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants would reduce your chance of getting that disease?

Wouldn't you seek out the very best ones? Do you have insurance for yourself and your family?
Why not get the cheapest type of insurance
you can get? High-potency vitamins/antioxidants and trace minerals!
Always go with the best vitamin/mineral complex you can afford.

There are several reasons that Heal-n-Soothe is a better choice than NSAIDs and narcotic
pain killers. This article will explain the 7 most important reasons that you should consider
switching to a safe and all natural anti inflammatory supplement like Heal-n-Soothe today.
1: Heal-n-Soothe actually heals the source of the pain, unlike prescription pain killers and NSAIDs.
Prescription pain drugs actually cause harm to your body while an all
natural formula reduces the pain, inflammation, and swelling in a safe way that encourages your body to physically heal itself at a faster rate.

2: It only takes a few minutes before the all natural inflammation fighting ingredients start working to reduce your pain.
Other more dangerous options like NSAIDs often take days or
weeks to start diminishing your pain to any noticeable level.

3: There are no side effects when taking an all natural pain formula like Heal-n-Soothe.
The same cannot be said for prescription drugs which put hundreds of thousands of
people in the hospital each year due to their dangerous side effects.
Not to mention that these drugs actually kill tens of thousands of people each year!
That's right, most of the pain meds that your doctor will prescribe are responsible for causing tons of people
to die every single year. 4: The enzymes and herbal ingredients
in Heal-n-Soothe boost your immune system and help you fight off illness.
They do this by helping to clean your blood, kill off viruses,
and take care of the nasty bacteria that builds up
in your body and in your organs.

The end result is that you get sick less often when you take a
powerful natural supplement to control your pain instead of
a dangerous alternative. 5: One great benefit of Heal-n-Soothe is the increased joint mobility and muscle flexibility that many people experience as a result
of taking the product. The winning combination of
the herbs that make up HnS actually reduces something called fibrin that can be found throughout your body.
Reducing fibrin helps to reduce the stiffness that this insoluble protein causes.

None of the prescription NSAIDs can reduce your fibrin levels
like Heal-n-Soothe can. 6: There are over 76 medical studies that have proven that these natural
remedies actually work as they are designed to. This is
not some new-age miracle cure made with the latest unresearched designer drug,
these well documented healing herbs have been proven over and over again to
work, and work well! 7: The last reason you should switch to a healthy natural option for pain management is because you can get
your first bottle absolutely free. 10) and you can try out Heal-n-Soothe
without risking your money on another hyped
up supplement that doesn't do anything to actually
fix what's causing your pain.

If you are wondering what else to do with all that lettuce laying around the house
- try making a great cup of tea for insomnia. This simple recipe for lettuce tea will help you with insomnia and also acts as
a mild sedative. The recipe was found in a 40 year old herbal medicine book - and I have
tried it. It works ever so gently. After the basic recipe there is more information about the particular lettuce that
I chose, romaine, which is by far more nutritious
than iceberg. I always recommend that lettuce be bought
organic only.

Thoroughly wash the leaves and then simmer for 20 minutes in the 1/2 pint
of water. How does it taste? I found it to
be very light, mild, refreshing and surprisingly good. I don't have insomnia but
other than stir-frying leftover lettuce, I didn't know what else to do with it.
But yes, even though I didn't feel tired, my eyelids
insisted upon fluttering, ultimately closing - and quite soon I
drifted off to sleep - and had quite a good rest. How often should I drink it?
While it is recommended as a nightly drink - I'd suggest trying it first on the weekend when you don't have to get up for work and
see how you feel. It is supposed to have sedative effects and I found the next day
that I wanted to lay around and read a book.

I didn't feel tired but wanted to lay around - it felt
quite good. Perhaps that is the sedative effect. What about the leaves that remain? I
poured the tea into my favorite teacup from Harrod's,
and a couple tiny bits of the lettuce went in the cup.
I liked the way it looked so I left it like
that. The leaves in the pot tasted like very mild cabbage so I ate it.
What are the health benefits of romaine lettuce? Different lettuces have different benefits.
Romaine lettuce is highly recommended for blood type A people and I do
find I prefer it.

B Vitamins - the main B vitamin is folate which helps prevent anemia
and is beneficial for healthy fetal development.
One cup has 16% of the DV. Other B vitamins are in trace amounts.
Romaine also contains - protein, calcium, omega-3, fiber and iron. Herbs have long been used in traditional medicine, and as a tea,
is often prescribed by herbalists. A play on a word perhaps?
That was my first thought when I serendipitously came across a discreet ad for mamajuana,
while ordering food in a quaint little shop. What is 'Gunpowder' Green Tea?
Gunpowder green tea is one of the green teas of China: it comes from the Fujian Province.
What is Bamboo Leaf's Tea? Wild tea plants originated in China thousands of years ago.
Then, as now, the choices are many and varied.

Green tea
is now described as, The Science-Backed Miracle Cure thanks to its
many nutrients and antioxidants. How to Make Two-Toned Iced
Tea (See photo) Why would anyone want two-toned iced tea?
Well, there is really not too much new with
the serving of iced tea. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.
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Glen Stok - I was so surprised when I tried this and it worked - so nicely and gently.

Next think I knew I was asleep. Recently I found out that dark cherries have
more melatonin than other fruits - and of course are safer than synthetic melatonin. Thelma Alberts - Hope you do try it and like it.
And thanks for the votes - yay! I love lettuce, but on salads.
I have never heard of this lettuce tea before.
I´ll definitely try it next time I have lettuce at home.
Thanks for this useful information. This is a very original idea
that I never heard of before. I definitely have to
give it a try. It seems easy enough - as you said, you just
basically boil the lettuce in water.

Sometimes I have insomnia so this is worthwhile giving a
try. Thanks for writing about it. A very valuable information, thank you!
Hope you like it Jyoti Patil. It is just so delightful!

This is very interesting and useful too. Im sch an Insomniac and i hope this works for me.
You're welcome leann2800. I'm amazed at how gently and effectively this works!

Hope you like it! I have never heard of this.
I will definitely have to check it out. Yes, now you got me wondering wmseo - what else we can brew as a tea.
This is a good hub idea.

Thanks Sarzn I will check out your hub too! You're welcome - and great RTalloni!
Like you I like to write from experience. This tea is just sooooo delightful.
Thanks bunches for the heads up on this hub so I can link
it to mine on insomnia. I also want to try out the recipe soon so I
can have personal experience to share when I tell others about
it. As I do more research about nutrition - and different lettuces
- it seems lettuce has been used since ancient times as a sedative.
Hope it works for you - it is such a peaceful type of nodding off.
Nice to meet you by the way!

This is a must try, i always had problems with
sleeping hope this works. And sometimes you just don't know what
to do with the extra lettuces in the fridge. This is a good idea,
didn't know that the recipe existed a long time ago. I'm so glad you enjoyed the hub.
We can probably do so many things with our organic fresh
vegetables. I wonder what else I can make tea with - probably nice fruits too.

That market sounds so fabulous. I thought lettuce is only for
salads or 'greens'. What a short but concise hub! Thanks Ms.
BkCreative for this. I munch lettuce (organic one) once in a while.

There's a local market (every Saturday) that sells organic product in the city (here in Naga City, Bicol, Philippines just
along Magsaysay strip). It's always a successful event every weekend.
Thank you so much, for this! The book was "Herbs in Daily Living" - I think.
Long gone because all the other information was pretty commonplace - like the benefits or garlic and onions and so
on. But the lettuce tea I had never heard of and decided to try.
This sounds awesome. I was actually searching for lettuce soup because
I have a huge amount from my CSA. Can you share the name
of the book?

Thank you scheng1 - I am going to dig out the book
and see what else I can share. I remember reading something about
onions. I'm putting this on my writing list! I am very
curious about the 40 years old book. I think the author is very knowledgeable about herbal and plants usage.
Hope you can share more. You're welcome What's News!
Hope it works for you! I never heard of this one. I'm
going to give it a try the next time I find myself needing a good nights sleep.
Thanks for the info. And thank you for your kind comment Seafarer Mom.
This is such a delightful tea and so calming.
I just feel so good when I drink it.

I made some of it very weak a few weeks ago and I think that was just enough for
me to enjoy its sedative benefits without going to sleep - just so lovely.
Love that lemon zinger tea too, or even ginger and then with
a bit of honey. Another calming soothing drink.
Maybe I will have some tonight. Thanks for such a lovely comment.

Thank you for this wonderful hub, BkCreative. I have also
seen recipes for lettuce soup and will try them. Funny that I suffered from insomnia for several
nights, both at my Mom's during Thanksgiving vacation and at home the first few nights after we returned.

Last night, my family and I ate a big salad with very green lettuce (not sure what kind), and I slept
the night through. So the two events
are likely to be related! I also sipped a cup of "lemon zinger" tea with
honey (a personal favorite as sedatives go). Another
benefit - my coughing attacks have been quelled, so I have more relief
and energy from that, too. I am doing a bit of food shopping today, so I will
make sure I buy some Romaine lettuce. I like this post. What a lovely email Jules.
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

I understand what you mean about not being able to sleep while
you are grieving, I've recently gone through this - it takes time and it should.
If you have the time and check back I hope you'll let us know the lettuce tea worked for you in a nice gentle way.
Relax and a few deep breaths and wrap up warmly. Take care of yourself.
Oh you're a SAINT! I have been suffering from insomnia
ever sence the death of my mother and I have been diying to try hot tea you are so wicked great thank
you so much! In homemade stews - great!

And it will give salsa that bit of color. I have become less wasteful.

Everything will be used up - entirely. Thanks Ben Zoltak
- as a new dad there may be a time when you just have to get a good night's
sleep - with no side effects. You'll go to sleep calmly and wake up calmly.
Thanks for commenting and passing on those tips.

Craziness, love it, and I do have occaisional insomnia so thanks Brooklyn Creative for this, who
knew? Funny, I've never used left over lettuce for
stir fry, I'll try that. Might I suggest using it for
homemade stews and soups, also you can use small minced amounts in homemade salsa.

Thanks for the heads up, what a great organic thing. What a great bit of information ron turn. I'm
so glad you shared this. Yes, the West is so far behind in natural healing and prevention. The objective here of
course is to discount the wisdom of mothers, and push the multibillion dollar pharmaceutical industry
and industrialized food. And our health is paying dearly for it.
Another thing is the sesame oil. When I lived in S.
Korea it was real sesame oil - here is it so processed it has no nutritional value.
It would have been nice to know about sheng cai tang when I was in Beijing as I am not
a meat eater.

Perhaps I can find it in the authentic restaurants here
in Chinatown - when I go to a local one - I'm still going to ask about it.
Fortunately, we have a forum like this where we can spread the word.
Interesting that the west are just catching on now, Chinese have been making SOUP out of lettuce
since I don't know how long, but along with the lettuce, crushed garlic and a few drops of
sesame oil before serving. This is so funny mulberry1 - because here it is after 1:22am and I am
on hub pages - when I really should have gone to be at least
2 hours ago.

And if I'm not online I'm watching home shows on HGTV well
into the night/morning.
Ah, well if we can, why not. Hope you try it and like it. I may give this
a try. I sleep like a log 3 or 4 nights a week. The other nights I'm up half of the time.
I'll just wait and after a few nights of good sleep
I'll give it try. The only bad part is I won't get any of those late night Hubs done.
So true pager7 - we can probably do so much more with what we have.

I must look into that. Some awesome ways to make beneficial use of lettuce!
Hope you like it NeonGekko! Wow, I never heard of that!
I can't wait to try it out. Thank you Freya Cesare - it
works so nicely. Thanks for the rating and bookmarking!
Thank you very much. Rate up and bookmarking. It makes sense Lita
C. Malicdem - as you say for that bit left over and there
always seems to be a bit left over. And you're
welcome. Thanks for writing! I eat Romain Lettuce for its crunchy feel in the palate.
I'm at times sleepless.
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