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Posted 4 Jun 2016 by Profile Gibson Praise

We hope that before the end of this month we get all working and a continuous flow of WUs generation.

Best regards, Joel

This was in April. It is June. I don't mean to sound petulant, it is just that I am. I do not mind delays. I do not mind slowdowns or work that is insufficient for the demands of contributors ( after all it is your project, not theirs/mine ). I am patient.

What I mind is bad information. What I mind is not being kept abreast of the current status and problems, particularly when you have already made time-based statements related to new work. Pronouncements as to upcoming time-frames and expectations have been wildly optimistic more than once and that is disheartening.

Joel, I know you and the other members of the project team are all busy people with many, many demands on your time. It's a small team with a lot of work to do. But I do feel slighted that someone can not take 15 minutes and give a quick summary of the current project status, goals, challenges, and roadblocks to your community of volunteers.

[[here you, the reader, may insert your own earthy comments (my own are a bit too spicy) requesting the project to give it up and tell us wt. is going on]]

Thank you,