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1) Message boards : Number crunching : max number of task in progress (Message 148)
Posted 25 Apr 2015 by Werinbert
A slightly different problem is now occurring on my computers. I am below the max in progress limit, yet I am getting only a couple of tasks at a time and not enough to bring it up to the limit (either DENIS max or Boinc queue). Consequently my secondary projects jump in and fill my queues to the max. Thus I get 3 30-min tasks for DENIS followed by 4 6-hour tasks from a secondary project.

It could be a scheduler bug in 7.4.42 as it is new enough that I am not sure how it has changed from previous version. But more likely I see this as an issue of the server not sending enough. It may be that the server is overestimating the WU processing time and thus sending out too few WUs.

On a simple test I just did. I increased my work buffer by 1 hour per core on a 4-core machine. The server then sent me only 3 30-min tasks. Shortly there after I got 2 more tasks at 1-min intervals. Again indicating not enough WUs are sent out per request.