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1) Message boards : Number crunching : No new tasks from server (Message 1716)
Posted 14 Jul 2022 by Profile Michael Goetz
For what it's worth, all of my machines have been getting tasks all day long with no problem. One Linux, two Windows. There's been a steady supply of work.

There's also been a lot of people saying they can't get tasks, and no obvious pattern to explain the difference.

One thing of note: I have a bot at home that hits' "Update" on my BOINC machines every 7 minutes. Sometimes the BOINC or project backoffs are excessively long. That doesn't, however, explain why people aren't getting tasks after manually hitting the update button.
2) Message boards : News : Official relaunch of the project // Relanzamiento oficial del proyecto (Message 1705)
Posted 13 Jul 2022 by Profile Michael Goetz
I know, but you are always faster than we expected. You will have new simulations tomorrow.

Thank you!


Lo sé, pero siempre sois más rápidos de lo que esperamos. Tendréis nuevas simulaciones mañana.


Even more than you think. People are renting cloud servers to run DENIS@Home tasks.

Basically, they'll run whatever you can crank out.
3) Message boards : News : Problems in the server (Message 1332)
Posted 25 Dec 2017 by Profile Michael Goetz
I just rejoined, all my credits are gone like many others were.
My BoincTasks show I have 89,244.1 Credits

I also noticed just now, that my Cross-project ID is different to all my other projects.

Would be great if they could be restored.

Much appreciated

Don't worry about the CPID. Once this project is turned back on, the CPIDs will synchronize themselves.

Even though I run a BOINC project, I had to look this one up. http://boinc.berkeley.edu/wiki/Cross-project_identification

The important thing is that you're using the same email address on DENIS@Home as at your other BOINC projects.