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1) Message boards : News : First Scientific Results of DENIS in the Biophysical Society 61st Annual Meeting (Message 1153)
Posted 7 Feb 2017 by Trotador
Great! Congratulations!
2) Message boards : News : Delay in the launch of new version (Message 737)
Posted 9 Dec 2015 by Trotador
Get well soon guys! :)

Yes do :)

3) Message boards : News : New web of the project (Message 713)
Posted 27 Nov 2015 by Trotador
Great page!
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized app ? (Message 621)
Posted 1 Nov 2015 by Trotador
I would like to test AVX2 application but it seems to be windows only.

Is it possible to make a linux version?
5) Message boards : Number crunching : All computational errors (Message 522)
Posted 30 Sep 2015 by Trotador
Here OK for 1.5.5 in windows 7 SSE3 but all errors in ubuntu SSE3 after 32 seconds

Edit: actually my bad, I did no restart BOINC after changing executable file, probably your case also boboviz
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Can't see tasks listed - FATAL ERROR! (Message 513)
Posted 29 Sep 2015 by Trotador
I think you're right, it is because of the huge amount of tasks. It should be some limit in the BOINC server software. I've seen it in other projects with similar characteristics (FIND@home).
7) Message boards : Number crunching : max number of task in progress (Message 509)
Posted 28 Sep 2015 by Trotador
With the optimised applications the tasks are being crunched very quickly and continuos uploads/download occur, which stresses the servers and in some cases produce errors.

I don't know what would be preferable/easier for the project, to increase the 10 wus per thread download limit or to make wus larger. The later is my favorite.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized app ? (Message 506)
Posted 28 Sep 2015 by Trotador
here's another on that's truely cross platform compatible.

I've rewritten the code once again and it will compile on Linux, OSX and Windows out of the box(when using GROMACS, see simd.h).

I've changed some simd routines backported from the CPU app over at Milkyway@home that are based on my own code.
(see ->

The app will use GROMACS vectorized versions of exp and pow now.

Besides that, you'll have the option to choose between AMD libM, Intel SVML and GROMACS code. (see simd.h and sse2_math.h)

Both Linux and OSX apps are now using the faster GROMACS code to do exponential and power functions.

download OSX & LINUX 64 bit:
(copy & paste to a new brower tab)
(souce code and binaries for OSX,Linux)

Crunch3r, you're the man...
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized app ? (Message 496)
Posted 25 Sep 2015 by Trotador

OK.. Here's the code and binary for 64 bit linux SSE2.
(copy&paste the link to download otherwise you'll get an error message)

Instead of using Intels SVML, i've used the free of charge "amd libm"
see "simd.h"

Hope that helps ;)

If there's a need for an OSX app, i can compile that as well.
(However, the linux code should compile straight forward on OSX using g++ > 4.5)


If it is ready for crunching I will run it in one of my linux boxes..

Thank you!
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized app ? (Message 453)
Posted 6 Sep 2015 by Trotador
But almost everyone is using Sesef application. How it affects to the project ?
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized app ? (Message 451)
Posted 5 Sep 2015 by Trotador
The first test are all ok. At the moment we didn't have see any differences in the results between this version and our 1.05. We can't support this version, and we haven't check if the app just do what if have to do.

We will contact with the developer soon and we hope that we can add this optimization to the official app.

Regards, Joel.

Any news on the validation of the optimised application?