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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Error while downloading (Message 1413)
Posted 27 Mar 2018 by mmonnin
Loosing 18 hours of my hard earned crunching is not the way to keep loyal crunchers. I have lost 200 tasks that I crunched and were waiting for validation which is a lot of processing time.

Back to another project for a while till you get you stuff together.

This project is in beta, problems are expected.

No, the app is fine. Credit could have been assigned but the effort to do so was not given.
2) Message boards : News : Re-starting the project! (Message 1405)
Posted 26 Mar 2018 by mmonnin
Well they uploaded OK, but all 233 "Validation pending" tasks immediately became "Invalid."

468 here. Suspending the work I have left so more resources aren't thrown away.

They are completely valid. Returned by two users as "Completed and validated"

My point total after being at work at day is the same before I left for work. 12 hours of nothing after 18 hours + WIP + waiting for validation a few days ago.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized app (Message 1383)
Posted 23 Mar 2018 by mmonnin
Likewise, my condolences...

Also, of particular note, someone mentioned OSX and Winderz results are different? I hope someone knows what the significance of the difference is...

In any case, FWIW, the tasks seem to average:

3.3-Hrs on the Linux 61XX (Currently AMD 6180) setup
3.85-Hrs on the Linux E3-1240V2 setup
2-Hrs on the Winderz 5930K setup
2.75-Hrs on Winderz 1090T setup

Anyways, seems the code is longer sometimes, hard to say at this point. So far, only "Download" errors seem to be popping up...

Good luck to all!


New app now but I can add some comparisons to that for the new app.
1:45 on 3570k @3.8
2:00 on 1950k @3.75
4) Message boards : News : Problems in the server (Message 1382)
Posted 23 Mar 2018 by mmonnin
Came here looking why my points dropped. Stats show me at 315k but I now have 310k, where I was yesterday. :(
5) Message boards : Number crunching : New URL for this project (Message 1381)
Posted 23 Mar 2018 by mmonnin
It really should be on the main page somewhere since its different than the URL of the main page.
6) Message boards : News : Re-starting the project! (Message 1357)
Posted 22 Mar 2018 by mmonnin
I am unable to upload tasks. Getting this message:
DENIS@Home 3/21/2018 8:26:35 PM [error] Error reported by file upload server: can't open log file '../log_denis/file_upload_handler.log' (errno: 9)
DENIS@Home 3/21/2018 8:26:32 PM Temporarily failed upload of GD_jcarro_20180321164228000000_Test_1-TESZT_Block_Ks_95-conf_521.xml_0_1: transient upload error

I've restarted de web server for the problem with the download and now it is again sending tasks. Please, check if your computers are working. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to contact me.

Now i got wu´s Thanks!!

We should also have an by Application description page, showing demands to run,
Microsoft Windows (98 or later) running on an Intel x86-compatible CPU
Linux running on an AMD x86_64 or Intel EM64T CPU
FreeBSD on Intel-compatible 64-bit

Just my wish :)

It's here:

That is the standard BOINC page for apps.


Server Status:
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Task deadlines (Message 1220)
Posted 24 May 2017 by mmonnin
I know that this revives an old thread.

But I am observing that DENIS WU's are not letting other WU's start despite the other WU's Deadline Date being several days ahead of the DENIS WU.

If I went and suspended an individual processing DENIS WU, BIONC would not start the Other WU that has a closer dated deadline. I did this for 15 DENIS WU's and the PC only selected other DENIS WU's to start.
If I suspend the DENIS project, then the other project WU's do get to start.
I if I observe the tasks queue and see the Other projects WU's starting to crunch, as soon as I re-enable DENIS, it takes over the task list of 8 cores on my PC. Instantly.

Other projects do not work that way, They respect the 60 minute toggle window that is the default in BOINC.

I have aborted 72 tasks that had no time processing yet.

Please make your WU's respect the BOINC sharing rules. You get your 60 minutes and then get to the back of the line and wait your turn.

This is ALL managed by BOINC Manager, not any project. Even distribution of CPU time by BM is only achieved after all projects have been running on a computer for awhile. Adding a new project to a computer will make BM try to catch up the CPU time of the new project by only running it for awhile, which is exactly what you're describing. When I switch projects I often find that the old project's tasks will not run until right before the deadline. Sometimes in panic mode.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized app (Message 1187)
Posted 3 Apr 2017 by mmonnin
Reading the last several posts here it seems like the pot is calling the kettle black.

Thank you too.
I hope your days are better after your posts.

I was agreeing with you...
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized app (Message 1181)
Posted 2 Apr 2017 by mmonnin
[quote]You sound very ungrateful/disrespectful , to be quite frankly, demanding someone compile an optimized app for you.

Reading the last several posts here it seems like the pot is calling the kettle black.