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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Lots of WUs "Error While Computing" (Message 933)
Posted 17 Jul 2016 by No.15
I am having a lot of very long wu end with error while computing. If you need any info let me know.

process exited with code 193 (0xc1, -63)
CC ID:16 NAME: G_Na in component Fast_Na_Current VALUE:19.49890136
CC ID:17 NAME: G_Na_B in component Background_Na_Current VALUE:0.000473911734
CC ID:23 NAME: G_Kr in component Rapidly_Activating_K_Current VALUE:0.0333725
CC ID:24 NAME: G_Ks in component Slowly_Activating_K_Current VALUE:0.003911159
CC ID:25 NAME: G_Kp in component Plateau_K_Current VALUE:0.002040128
CC ID:26 NAME: G_to in component Transient_Outward_K_Current VALUE:0.13697164
CC ID:28 NAME: G_K1 in component Inward_Rectifier_K_Current VALUE:0.7089200967
CC ID:29 NAME: G_ClCa in component Ca_Activated_Cl_Current VALUE:0.069126099438
CC ID:31 NAME: G_Cl_B in component Background_Cl_Current VALUE:0.01069641
CC ID:34 NAME: G_Ca in component L_Type_Calcium_Current VALUE:0.0001851241056
CC ID:47 NAME: G_Ca_B in component Background_Ca_Current VALUE:0.0006057563114
CC ID:19 NAME: Ibar_NaK in component Na_K_Pump_Current VALUE:1.05791202
CC ID:44 NAME: Ibar_NCX in component Na_Ca_Exchanger_Current VALUE:4.823514
CC ID:46 NAME: Ibar_PMCA in component Sarcolemmal_Ca_Pump_Current VALUE:0.0557848354
CC ID:12 NAME: J_Ca_juncsl in component membrane VALUE:8.0706556422e-13
CC ID:13 NAME: J_Ca_slmyo in component membrane VALUE:4.0001812468e-12
CC ID:60 NAME: k_SR_leak in component SR_Fluxes VALUE:6.513019016e-06
CC ID:55 NAME: ks in component SR_Fluxes VALUE:28.42225
CC ID:58 NAME: V_max_SR_CaP in component SR_Fluxes VALUE:0.0050332844732
CC ID:7 NAME: I_Stim_CL in component membrane VALUE:8000
CC ID:33 NAME: Ca_o in component Calcium_Concentrations VALUE:2.5
STP ID:0 - V in component membrane
STP ID:23 - Ca_i in component Calcium_Concentrations

Sniped a lot of CP

Doing CP It:6132953918.000000
Doing CP It:6138905580.000000
Doing CP It:6144935804.000000
Doing CP It:6151107187.000000
Doing CP It:6157221981.000000SIGSEGV: segmentation violation
Stack trace (8 frames):