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Posted 27 Jan 2017 by Profile WhiteWulfe
700/800 euros for a phone....
With that money you will get a pc with I7. Results? 20 times faster than smartphone.

A decent amount of carriers will offer phones for significantly cheaper if you sign a 1 or 2 year contract, so the initial/upfront cost of the phone is noticeable cheaper. An example would be myself... In April 2015, I got an HTC One M8, which will be added in alongside my two Galaxy S3's and hubby's HTC One M8 when we upgrade our phones in April.

Either way, the device is there, why not make use of it? ^_^
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Posted 26 Jan 2017 by Profile WhiteWulfe
I had totally forgotten about the Android TV boxes. Out of sheer curiosity, do they remain relatively cool, or do they wind up throttling every now and then?

Hmmm, looking at your box on pogs, most tasks are done 3.5-4k seconds faster than my Galaxy S3, and even outpaced my HTC One M8 on the short work units by 3.5k seconds.

Definitely something I'll have to look into. Biggest reason I'm asking all these various questions is I'm contemplating the thought of a small set of SBC's to crunch on (ODroid C2's and XU4's are the main ones that come to mind) but I'd be willing to look into Android tv boxes as well if they're performing reasonably well. ^_^
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Posted 22 Jan 2017 by Profile WhiteWulfe
While I'm all for the though of Android phones crunching (especially since I currently have two doing that, and will have four total in a few months), if an app were to be developed I'd prefer Linux on ARM to get priority, as there are a wide variety of SBC's (single board computers) out there that are relatively inexpensive (most are in the $40-70 USD price range (Raspberry Pi 3 is $35 USD, ODroid C2 is $42, and the ODroid XU4 is $77 USD - even an ODroid C2 with 32GB of eMMC storage and a dedicated power supply is $92.75 USD).

SBC's also have the benefit of being easily stacked, not to mention most can be powered from a USB charger. Most only draw 4-6W of power too (the ODroid XU4 is 10-12W, but it's also eight cores), and even when stacked can be kept cool with either 120mm fans or an inexpensive desk fan.