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Posted 15 Mar 2024 by Schizm
Dear fellow volunteers,

I am not a spokesperson, but as a member of Dutch Power Cows i would like to introduce you to our annual stampede; an event where we usually pick one project to band together and focus on for one full month. This year Denis@home got picked on a fairly short notice. It was communicated to us that there might not be enough work to process at this stage of the project. In our naivity we were thinking;"let's hope we have enough to last the month." while forgetting the impact we had on other projects in the past.

Day 1 took us 2 hours to completely empty the queue....
....so i think we might have had a bit of an impact here too.

The day after we started our stampede we got a message stating testing different iterations required manual intervention. So i want to stress this to all of you: the DENIS team was communicating well, already working WAY harder than they normally would have to just to keep the WU's coming, and on top of that they had to deal with this saturated drive issue. This week must have been quite the adventure.

Therefore i would like to apologize to you all for any inconvenience our cows may have caused; they can get a bit rowdy sometimes when they're hungry.

Kind regards and happy crunching,