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Posted 28 Jul 2016 by Mantakno
i dont recall then i got the WU's i have I7 denis project had 4 of my cores run them, but as i mention bonic manager switch project every 60 minutes if other project require it. and i now you can change value of this but then they cant do a first priority if this is needed someday, so we still fall back at save data most work, im not debat wish for lost work, i only hope the have the courage to take this debat up with bonic manager team so it sont happend again,
the data and lost time is irrelevant even what project name that did it, all of them can do same mistake, just so you get a bettre or global view of this i have 6pc that run project's and i dont keep a eye on them, i wait for ping(log then pc dont respond, so they are on auto and dont need my attension on daily WU

and i notice alot of user have several device that do this.
we can only hope denis project take the issue up with bonic team so this cant happend again,

well anyway... gl with it.
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Posted 27 Jul 2016 by Mantakno
yes, i know its beta, that is not the issue at all, actual even the the workunit we try to help you is maybe up for total abandon for wrong calculations , shit happends fair is fair, but is work is not saved or even have worst crush time apox 45 days fair enough, but then deadline cant be kept or give a year ahead , its okay we dont get angry on such long test, but the minute we cant save that is Total RED flag. i have seen games work fine with this run while im playing skyrim
and other 3d games ... quite odd and then i play a game that need way more cpu cores because it use caculations directly so pause and save workunit is a most needed functions aven the result is useless because you found out its data is corrupted, i only get mad then we sort of get a never ending workunit that keep reset itself doing no save or pause or project is switch, and waht about power failiur ( fuse-plugs can go off not the first time we have seen this in our homes ) maybe try see this in global perspective , no project should not be allowed if basic workunit can get lost in neverending loop ) ( so save and deadlines should be extended and a most no matter what ( i dont care if get a block for several month just we do know its legit in the end, you are not the first project where we see deadlines is screwed up then we run multi project, that is waht is wrong with bonic manager it dont work on shortest time first, but more on then we load the workunits from diffrent project ) this is not your fault but its still part of the global issue and deadlines and workunits is lost because deadline runs out. another red flag here. you battle to much with eachother and waste people time seen this in global cordinations
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Posted 27 Jul 2016 by Mantakno
here is a warning to all Windows user, leave this project of DOOM, they dont have a clue what they are doing, any pause with workunit will reset current work and it dont save current work to disk, they dont follow bonic standard, if you dont know this every 60minute there is a chance that bonic will switch to other project if you have such. so you can actual waste your time no matter what your doing a never ending workunit that have waste your time on the pc and the deadline can never been reach at all.

this project should be closed and kicked out of communty for waste people goodwill in let there cpu core work for a cure

such project that doing this should have red flag raised and not been allowed to be research on global scale, THIS is not even a alpha test app what a joke, who do we contact and can vote this for terminated project until fixed
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Posted 26 Jul 2016 by Mantakno
i just reboot system and all current time and work seem lost ?

dont exit bonic manager or reboot or work on the unit is reset

this dont make any sense, why work is not saved.

all timeslot vent from 2d to 50d and even 340days

this is because work progress keep reseting and dont save if you reboot or exit client. maybe even pause this can cause this ?

problem with this huge long work on a unit is lost work, because we reboot pc ( game pc ) require fresh system sometimes
5) Message boards : News : DENIS@Home Server is Up again (Message 747)
Posted 20 Dec 2015 by Mantakno
is everything working ?
i get no data and even my name in bonic manager is missing
and i can login, even write here with login

its like there is a bug somewhere or project is down/closed