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Arbalet ("Per aspera ad astra, amicus humani generis")
Volodymyr Goroshko ("Hi everybody! I am Volodymyr, I was born and live in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. I working an...")
Death ("born dead")
arsen.salamakha ("27 years old Java developer from Lviv, Ukraine! Keen on everything connected with research...")
dimus ("Hello everyone! My name is Dmitry, I live in Ukraine. I am a veterinarian by training, has...")
rilian ("i crunch for Ukraine")
Skyman ("I am a physicist from Odessa, Ukraine. I have been crunching since 2001 for SETI@Home. Now...")
Tamagoch ("Crunching for Ukraine since 1999. And I won't stop!")
gladiator_maximus ("Glory to Ukraine! Слава Украине! live in...")
x3mEn ("I was in the wrong place at the wrong time For the wrong reason and the wrong rhyme On...")

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