What is DENIS?

Distributed computing.
Electrophysiological models.
Networking collaboration.
In silico research.
Sharing knowledge.

Distributed computing

DENIS uses volunteer devices to compute large amounts of cardiac electrophysiological simulations. DENIS uses the idle time on your computer (Windows , Linux or Mac) to simulate the electrical activity of the heart.

DENIS works over the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC). BOINC is an open source middleware system developed at the University of Berkeley.

To become a volunteer see how to Collaborate.

Electrophysiological models

DENIS has been created to help researchers to compute very large groups of cardiac electrophysiological model variations.

Cardiac electrophysiological models are mathematical representations of the electrical activity of the cardiac cells.

Models used in DENIS are described using the CellML language to facilitate other researchers to include their models in DENIS.

CellML is an open standard based on the XML markup language. CellML is being developed by the Auckland Bioengineering Institute at the University of Auckland and afiliated research groups. More information in the CellML Web Page.

Networking collaboration

DENIS connects volunteers with researchers to help them in their projects. No matter where you are. No matter where the project is. We want to connect you.

We don’t only want to connect resarchers and volunteers. We also want to connect researchers and help them to collaborate. We are currently working on it. Stay tuned, we will keep you informed.

In silico research

We could have asked you to use your heart, but we believe it is easier for you to give as your computer for a while.

In Silico simulations of the electrical activity of the heart have become an indispensable technique to increase our knowledge of the heart behaviour under normal or pathological conditions.

DENIS wants to be a powerful tool for those all that make research in cardiology.

Sharing knowledge

DENIS works because the volunteers share their computational capacity with us. For this reason, all the researchers that use DENIS must share their results with all the people.

All the results obtained using DENIS must be published. All the models used in DENIS must be shared once the project has end.

All the programs developed for the DENIS project are under the Apache License V2