DENIS Natrium (version 2)

The second stable version of DENIS Simulator is called Natrium. This version is an evolution of DENIS Kalium. It solves the same models, but the configuration files are different.

Natrium configuration files got XML format that makes them more human readable. The input parameters are similar to Kalium:

  • The model that will simulate
  • The length of the simulation
  • The differential time used for simulate
  • The marker that will looking for
  • Constants to change and it’s value
  • The output frequency to store values
  • The time to start the capture of the simulation
  • The states that will be saved at result files
  • The algebraic that will be saved at result files

Natrium have also the capacity to find markers in the membrane potential of simulation It generates a different result file to store all the markers of the simulation.

The markers that will be saved in the markers file will be:

  • Action Potential (AP) Duration at diferent percentage of repolarization (90, 75, 50, 25 and 10%).
  • The time that starts the AP
  • The maximum and the minimum value of the membrane potential.
  • The maximun and the minimum slope of the membrane potential.

Those electrophysiological markers are always computed in cardiac simulations. In order to facilitate that scientists can reuse and share them, the results are stored in a No-SQL database. This information can be also used to calibrate model populations.

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