The main objective of this subproject is to measure the performance of DENIS@Home replicating real studies previously published and comparing our results with the time needed in other computer systems. Compare DENIS@Home against real studies will help the scientific community to see exactly in which situations is more useful to use a Volunteer Computing approach over other alternatives.

General Information

Researchers: Joel Castro, Violeta Monasterio, Jesús Carro.
DENIS version: DENIS Natrium (version 1)


This subproject has been created to analyze the performance of DENIS with the aim of show it to the scientific community. To do this, we will replicate two real studies previously published that represent the most tipycall experiments that need a high computational capacity.

We have selected two experiments: The experiment performed by Gemmell et al. (2014) uses the Shannon et al. (2004) model and the Mahajan et al. (2008) model. For each model, it runs 15,625 simulations of each Cycle Length.

Application Information

This application will use more models that DENIS Natrium default version. The models added to this project are (this list could increase):

  • Shannon et al. 2004
  • Mahajan et al. 2008


  • Replication of the simulations performed by Gemmell et al. with the model of Shannon et al. (2004). Completed
  • Replication of the simulations performed by Gemmell et al. with the model of Mahajan et al. (2008). Completed
  • Evaluation of the results. In progress

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