Thanks to beta testers

Dear volunteers,
The role of beta tester is crucial for the development of this project. They compute when errors can easily occur and risking not getting a reward in the form of credits. From today, we want to thank all these volunteers a little more for their work and we want to do it in a public way. We have added a new badge for Beta testers and a new classification with the credit obtained in beta applications ( Now you can identify them easily.

Thank you very much for your commitment to the project.

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10 thoughts on “Thanks to beta testers”

  1. Hello Jésus,

    I will join the project once I’m back at my computer. Smaller projects deserve just as much help as the big ones!
    Hang in there!!!


  2. Good morning, from New Zealand

    Is this project operational? I signed up, using my Mac, months ago, and have not received any work at all.
    Rob Hammington

  3. I’d like to know too when this project is going to restart, It’s been over 12 months since Beta testing started and still no news. Please, can Jésus tell us what the current situation is?

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