Second phase of application testing

Dear all,
After the second batch of simulations the result were similar: 99.5% of the simulations endend satisfactorily; 0.5% returned apparently normal but with invalid values. These results are stable enough to be able to perform a larger test. We actually need it to know if this small percentage of errors is due to something in the code or something in the clients. Currently the number of users returning invalid results is so low that it is hard for us to figure out what the difference might be.

So, we have decided to continue to the second phase with a bigger test with 45000 working units. They are already going up. We hope they don’t last long on the server!

If everything goes well in this second phase, we will probably consider the beta version stable and we will start launching the projects that we have prepared.

Thank you in advance. We will keep you update of the results.


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  1. It appears the English version of the main page of the website is missing. Only the Spanish version shows up. Other English pages seem to load okay, but I haven’t done any kind of real check though.

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