Data protection

Dear users,
With the update of the boinc version and the relaunch of the project, there was an important change that we had forgotten to mention. Since the last time the project was in operation, the data protection regulation and also our perception of it has changed. Due to this, with the new version of BOINC we have taken the opportunity to give you the greatest possible control over your data and what can and cannot be done with it. That is why, by default, we do not assume any permission to export your data and make it available to statistical websites.

If you want your data to be available, you must explicitly indicate it at: (you can access this web from your profile). has indicated to us that they are waiting to update the statistics so that more users can accept the export. Otherwise, the statistics of those who have not accepted it will be deleted.

Continuing with this topic of data protection, we wanted to inform you that, for the relaunch of the project, this project has been presented and approved by the ethics committee of the San Jorge University as it is a project in which personal data could be processed.

We hope that this new operation does not cause you any inconvenience, but transparency is very important to us and you must have control over the handling of your data.


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