Rules and policies

DENIS@Home on authorized computers

You may participate in DENIS@Home if you are 18 years of age or older.

Run DENIS@Home only on computers that belong to you, or for which you have obtained permission from the owner. Some companies and schools have rules that prohibit using their computers for projects such as DENIS@Home.

How DENIS@Home will use your computer

When you run DENIS@Home on your computer, the program will use some of your CPU power, disk space, and network bandwidth. You can control the amount of resources DENIS@Home uses, and when they are used.

The calculations performed by your computer contribute to the goals of DENIS@Home, as described on its web page. The programs may change from time to time.

How DENIS@Home will use your registration data

Your DENIS@Home account is identified by a name that you choose. This name may be displayed on the DENIS@Home website, along with a summary of the work your computer has done for DENIS@Home. If you want to remain anonymous, choose a name that does not reveal your identity.

If you participate in DENIS@Home, information about your computer (such as processor type, amount of memory and network address) will be stored by DENIS@Home and used to decide what type of work is assigned to your computer. This information may be displayed on the DENIS@Home website, with the exception of data that allows us to know the status of your computer.

To participate in DENIS@Home, you must provide an e-mail address. This address will not be displayed on the DENIS@Home website and will not be shared with other organizations. DENIS@Home may send you newsletters periodically; however, you may choose to opt out of receiving them at any time.

Private messages sent on the DENIS@Home Web site are visible only to the person who sent them and to the person who receives them. DENIS@Home does not examine or review the content of private messages. If you receive unwanted private messages from another DENIS@Home user, you can add it to your message filter. This will prevent you from seeing any more public or private messages from that user.

At any time, you can cancel your account from your profile page. By requesting the cancellation of your account, all your data will be deleted from the server.

Privacy policy

As a participant in DENIS@Home you can exercise your rights of access, modification, opposition, cancellation, limitation of processing and portability, by contacting the Data Protection Officer of the University attaching to your request to exercise your rights a photocopy of your ID card or equivalent to the registered office of USJ located at Autovía A-23 Zaragoza- Huesca, km. 299, 50830-Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza), or the e-mail address ( Likewise, you have the right to contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency in the event that your rights are not correctly exercised.

You can find the privacy policy of Universidad San Jorge at the following link:

Is it safe to run DENIS@Home?

Every time you download a program from the Internet, you are taking a risk: the program may have dangerous errors, or the server from which it is downloaded may have been hacked. DENIS@Home has made efforts to minimize these risks. We have tested our programs carefully. Our servers are behind a firewall and are configured for maximum security. To ensure the integrity of the software download, all executable files are digitally signed on a secure computer that is not connected to the Internet.

Applications run by DENIS@Home may cause some computers to overheat. If this occurs, do not run DENIS@Home or use a %add-on% program that limits CPU usage.

DENIS@Home was developed by Universidad San Jorge. BOINC was developed at the University of California.


DENIS@Home and Universidad San Jorge assume no responsibility for damage to your computer, loss of data, or any other event or circumstance that may occur as a result of participating in DENIS@Home.

Other BOINC projects

Other projects use BOINC, the same platform as DENIS@Home. You can decide whether to participate in one or more of these projects. By doing so, your computer will complete useful work even when DENIS@Home has no work available.

Such projects are not related to DENIS@Home, and we cannot vouch for their security levels or the nature of their research. Join them at your own risk.