DENIS Project

DENIS uses volunteer hosts to compute large packets of cardiac electrophysiology simulations. You can participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer. Click HERE to learn how to collaborate. By using the idle time of your computer, you’d be helping researchers on their research projects which require vast amounts of computing power.

Electrophysiological models are a powerful tool to study the electrical activity of cells under normal or pathological conditions. These models can also help predict the effects of drugs in heart and brain cells. These models are complex and it’s neccessary to simulate them many times (varying the conditions or model parameters). For this reason, researchers in this field usually require high computational power. We have created DENIS as a simulation infrastructure to help researchers. You can read more about research in DENIS in the section Science.

The five pillars of DENIS are:

Distributed Computing
Electrophysiological Models
Networking Collaboration
In Silico Research
Sharing Knowledge

DENIS is being developed by an small team of researchers based at Universidad San Jorge in Zaragoza, Spain. You can find more information in the section About us.