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YettaDuckwor ("I am Yetta from Stockelsdorf doing my final year engineering in Chemistry. I did my...")
YukikoMosman ("I'm Yukiko and I live with my husband and our three children in Newark, in the DE south...")
YvonneLempri ("IÂ’m Yvonne from Sulzhof studying Hotel Administration. I did my schooling, secured 82%...")
YettaFrankly ("I'm Yetta (24) from Lecce Nei Marsi, Italy. I'm learning Turkish literature at a local...")
YolandaRisch ("I am Yolanda from Nantes. I am learning to play the Tuba. Other hobbies are Petal...")
YOQChelsea15 ("I am Chelsea from San Clemente Di Leonessa. I am learning to play the Viola. Other hobbies...")
YvetteJxv03 ("I am Yvette from Visome. I love to play Pedal Steel Guitar. Other hobbies are Taxidermy.")
YZDZachery63 ("I'm Zachery and I live in Echirolles. I'm interested in Art, Bird watching and Swedish...")
YolandaFacy ("I like my hobby Element collecting. Appears boring? Not at all! I to learn Norwegian in...")
YEMKristie7 ("I am Kristie from Jagerspris. I love to play Mandolin. Other hobbies are Cycling.")

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