Green Trust Cash Loan Modification Shortcut - How To Use The System And Save Months Of Frustration In The Process
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We all know how frustrating it can be trying to get a green trust cash direct tribal lenders no credit check modification. To begin with, the reason we even need to get help is usually due to some type of financial distress-and as if this was not enough to have to be dealing with, now we have to be treated rudely, ignored or get conflicting answers from our lender when we ask for a green trust cash native american payday loan companies workout. There has to be a way to short cut the system and take advantage of the system - here is some good information to help you navigate your way through this process.

A loan modification is designed to offer a lower, more affordable mortgage payment by changing or modifying your current loan term. This may be accomplished by several methods, but usually lowering the interest rate or extending your loan term. A government program is available that is available to borrowers facing financial hardship and is part of the stimulus package. This is a great plan and is definitely worth applying for if you are in a difficult situation and unable to afford your payments.

The federal loan modification plan is called Home Affordable Modification or HAMP for short. This is offered to borrowers who live in their home as their primary residence, and who have a green trust cash 6 month loan direct lender amount less than $729,750. It also requires that your current payment equal more than 31% of your gross monthly income. The goal is to provide a long term solution in order to help borrowers avoid foreclosure.

This loan modification plan offers a short cut to approval-if you know how to follow the application process and approval guidelines you can save time and frustration. Follow these steps to get the best results:

  1. Contact your lender and ask for HAMP specifically
  2. Work on your financial statement ahead of time to be certain that you fit into the approval guidelines for debt ratio, asset ratio and disposable income
  3. Submit all the required paperwork - application, affidavit of hardship, 4506t, proof of income
  4. Track all of your work on a Contact Log - every phone call, fax or mail received should be noted
  5. Follow up and follow up some more - call every 3 days to make sure your file is in review

The loan modification process is not perfect, but homeowners can succeed if they just use the system instead of fighting it. Sometimes it may seem ridiculous, but the banks are making the rules so we have to play by them. The advantage is that HAMP provides standard approval guidelines and a standard formula for modification. If you use this formula on your application then you can have a really good shot at getting a loan workout. You may want to use a software program that mimics this formula and helps you to avoid mistakes.

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