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1) Message boards : Number crunching : All tasks show "Ready to report" but are not getting reported - not getting new work - HELP!! (Message 569)
Posted 14 Oct 2015 by BritishBob

We are going to introduce bigger WUs in order to minimize the jobs in the server. Also we are going to reduce the time to data purge. The optimized app is generating an overflow of work while we develop the new version of the app.

Best regards, Joel.

That's kinda nice to hear. We're generating so much work you cannot handle it.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized app ? (Message 547)
Posted 6 Oct 2015 by BritishBob
Yup, that worked for me now. Seems the trick was as you said, to disable new tasks. Cheers for the tip !

And now ...... OMG, I mean WOW !! What the heck did you guys modified ? This is crazy fast. What took an hour to finish now takes 5 minutes.

It's bloody insane, that's what it is !

Magic... Major kudos to Crunch3r and sesef.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized app ? (Message 543)
Posted 6 Oct 2015 by BritishBob
Hey guys, just a quick question. Is there anything special you need to do to get this working ? I mean I tried several of the provided archives and after applying the "update" DENIS stopped working, I couldn't get any new tasks from the server.
I stopped Boinc, I copied the files from the archives to the necessary folder and then I started Boinc again. Is there another step I'm missing to make it work ?

Btw I have Windows 8.1 with Intel i5 CPU and AMD GPU.

My standard check list when swapping the optimised apps:
-Disable new tasks (in client)
-Let the current tasks finish.
-Close BOINC Client.
-Exit BOINC client in bottom right icon menu thing (name escapes me atm)
-Copy APP to the poperlocation detailed somewhere above (I have it on a shortcut)
-Open up BOINC
-Allow new tasks

Not the best as I'm not sat at a BOINC box, but I hope that explanation helps.

Use Sesef for Windows+Intel CPU.
Use Crunch3r for Linux and/or AMD CPUs.

You can use CPUz to check your SSE2 and SSE3 compatibility.