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1) Message boards : News : We are back! // Estamos de vuelta (Message 1581)
Posted 28 Mar 2022 by UBT - Timbo
Great news and welcome back.

Hope the testing goes well and we can restart crunching for you :-)

2) Message boards : News : Problems in the server (Message 1251)
Posted 23 Jun 2017 by UBT - Timbo
Dear all,
I give you some more information to try to clarify some issues regarding this problem.
All the results of the simulations are safe. Every hour they are uploaded to Google Drive. Only the workunits of the last three days could be lost.

Hi Jesus

Excellent news - if only a small fraction of the data has been lost then this makes for a better situation. 3 days loss is much much better than 6+ months !!

Your statistics are stored each day in an xml file. We'll be able to solve the problem with your credit but we need time to develop a script to do it.
We have an script to do backup every day and to store it in two different servers. I don't know yet why it has not been working. I have to find out. In parallel, I'm talking with the IT department to improve the backup system.
I fully understand everything you are saying and how you feel. Please also understand my surprise when I discovered that things that would have to be doing well were not working. I ask again patience. Give it for sure that I will do everything in my hand to try to fix it.

Best regards,

For me, I think the stats are less important - sure they are nice to know how much each member contributes, but it is the science that is important.

If you can fix some of the "knock on" effects from the server crash then all the better. This will at least restore some peoples faith in the project.

I would even suggest that you suspend the project for a week, so you have time to get any fixes in place and apply them.

regards and good luck with all of this !
3) Message boards : News : Problems in the server (Message 1242)
Posted 23 Jun 2017 by UBT - Timbo
hear hear !!!

lesson no. 1: make a backup BEFORE any routine OR important updates
lesson no. 2: make sure the backup can be restored (onto a spare machine if needs be).
lesson no.3: rotate backups on a very regular basis - if your last backup is 6+months old, your disaster recovery procedures need rewriting and your IT dept head should be changed.

I hope people will be understanding...but losing many peoples time and money (electricity bills, hardware etc) makes recommending this project more difficult if the data is lost due to negligence.

Such a shame :-(

Hope you can resolve the issues.

Founder, UK BOINC Team
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Extremely slow download? (Message 355)
Posted 17 Jul 2015 by UBT - Timbo
Hi all,

Just reset project so as to get latest DENIS app.....but it is very slow downloading today. :(

Will hope it downloads eventually.